Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space

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The Business Innovation Agenda

The role of logistics is shifting from simply controlling the goods flows to the integrated management, coordination and control of information, material, financial, and energy flows, creating the need for new business models able to foster stakeholder cooperation. EU is well aware of this and is promoting the development of tools and platforms and initiatives, such as the present call, to enhance information exchange, collaboration and decision support. There have been significant recent developments of cloud collaboration platforms for logistics service providers. However, there are still significant opportunities for improvement with regards to several aspects:

  • Cooperative business models that can be run online and offline, using dynamic simulation, based on captured information flows of logistics information, that drive joint decisions and collaborations at a strategic level.
  • Integration of public authorities (e.g. customs, national systems including Single Windows), and actors such as port community systems in logistics cloud environments and enhanced Business – Government collaboration.
  • Semantically enabled information exchange models feeding interoperability-on-demand for message exchanges, with continuous flows of sensor based information and IoT devices.
  • Change management processes that strengthen business resilience and increase collaboration responsiveness, and impact oriented strategies, aligned with technology innovation.

The SELIS Research and Innovation Focus on Unique Value Propositions

SELIS research is focused on designing the SELIS Community Nodes (Open Architecture) and creating the following three Unique Value Propositions addressing supply chain collaboration, utilising ‘out of the box cloud data and services decentralised infrastructure’ and SELIS Enablers.

  • Enhanced Supply Chain Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing with inbuilt Trust and Governance
  • SELIS ‘Out of the box’ Cloud data and services decentralised infrastructure to form and manage virtual communities for logistic chains
  • Key SELIS Enablers to speed up the formation of a single logistics information space in Europe