Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space

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SELIS has identified several market segments with high optimization potential, ranging from maritime logistics until the urban last mile deliveries. These logistics communities overlap (i.e. one actor can be part of several Logistics Communities) and therefore do not present a subdivision of the European transport system but rather a perspective on the latter. SELIS target logistics communities are the following:

  • Transport and Logistics Authorities
  • Shippers and Retailer centered communities
  • Freight Forwarders centered communities
  • Port centered communities
  • Shipping communities
  • Rail, truck and terminal network communities
  • Hinterland Hub communities
  • Urban Logistics communities

In order to remedy for the sub-optimal logistics within these communities, SELIS will develop the following set of pan European Green Logistics Strategies that can be applied in several domains/market segments, thus facilitating cross-community integration:

  • Collaborative planning and synchromodality
  • Collaboration Risk and Value Sharing
  • Supply Chain Visibility and CAPA – SCV-CAPA application
  • Supply Chain Financing
  • KPIs and Environmental Performance Management
  • Logistics Optimisation
  • e-Compliance for Customs & applicable regulations

Each Logistics Community will benefit from a specific mix of customized European Green Logistics Strategies introduced by SELIS, in order to create unique competitive businesses models, with inbuilt incentives for their adoption. European Green Logistics Strategies introduced by SELIS will form the basis for actionable dynamic models underlying the SELIS decisions support applications and what-if scenarios enablement. Consequently, they will be the key drivers of the SELIS innovation related actions and capacity building.